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Privacy Considerations When Using Zoom | Office of Ethics – “+a.rawdata.qqa[h].qq+”
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For the most part, Zoom utilizes “cookies” that collect information about you, such as your log-in details, to enhance the functionality of its site.

Can i see my history on zoom –

You can also access Search in Tabs by clicking on the magnifying glass icon to the right of your tabs, which has replaced the earlier Tab menu. You can prevent Opera from closing tabs accidentally or prioritize important pages by pinning tabs. Zoom collects only the user data that is required to provide you Zoom services.


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Your company will export the list of meeting participants, provided you choose. Obtain and extract the csv file for your records. Go to the Zoom web portal and click on the link below. Click on Dashboard in the navigation bar. Scroll down to Meetings and tap it on the Dashboard panel. Historical meeting data can be accessed by clicking the Past Meetings tab you may choose this option. When you select the time range, a listing of past meetings comes up as a result.

Depending on the number of participants in the meeting, you can view your attendee lists accordingly. In addition, Zoom will not track attendance automatically unless this is enabled before the meeting even begins in order to save your bandwidth. Moreover, it can be used to track time a participant spends at a meeting when they left, along with time they spend in total during the sessions.

Opening Hours : Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm. You will need to sign into the Zoom web portal. Dashboard can be found on the navigation panel. Click Meetings. Click Past Meetings. Select ID of your room to see the number of attendees that stayed in your chamber. As part of the meeting details, the attendee count will be displayed beside room names. Click Reports, then choose Usage to log in to your account. Click on the link under Participants to find out if there is an upcoming session you would like to attend.

Then, check that the date range appears so that you know what session is due to take attendance. Review the report. Click Export. Your computer can open Excel files. Previous post. Can Zoom Closed Caption? Next post. All rights reserved.


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