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So aktivieren Sie den Eco-Modus auf der Apple Watch. Es gibt drei Möglichkeiten, um Power Reserve zu aktivieren. Unter verschiedenen Umständen ist diese oder jene Methode zum Einschalten des Modus besser geeignet. Methode eins. Die einfachste verfügbare Option: Wir warten, bis die Batterieladung auf 10% abfällt. ��Take your Phone Flipping Business to the Next Level �� very easy way to remove Demo Mode from your Apple Watch. This is a permanent Missing: zoom modus. Bei Erfolg kehrt der iOS-Bildschirm sofort zum normalen Ansichtsmodus zurück und beendet den Zoom-Modus. Wie kann ich meinen Apple Watch-Bildschirm wieder auf die normale Größe bringen?? um den Zoom zu deaktivieren: Unter iOS 12 oder früher: Gehen Sie zu Einstellungen > Allgemeines > Barrierefreiheit > Zoomen. Deaktivieren Sie die.


– So deaktivieren Sie den Zoom und verkleinern die Symbole


There’s a new view for the tracks list which organizes all tracks in folders. There’s a folder for each month. The actions list has a new view to group all actions by region The actions list has an option to sort the actions. Bugfix: When exporting tracks the time stamp in the file name was in UTC instead of the local time. Bugfix: When manually starting a track recording and let it stop automatically in the background via “action”, it could happen that the location services were not always stopped immediately.

Bugfix: When letting the App show photos, photos which were taken while a pause was detected while recording the track were not always shown. It’s now possible to create a backup of all data tracks, actions, steps, settings etc. And you can transfer it back to Pado these ways as well. This makes it possible to transfer all data of Pado from one device to another in the most private way, without using any cloud services of third party service.

Restoring all data from a backup will replace the existing data with those from the backup. Bugfix: When using the force-touch shortcuts for the App icon, it could happen that the wrong view was opened. Bugfix: When splitting a track into two parts, the information about weather and feeling was not transferred to the newly created parts.

Several smaller improvements and bugfixes Version 2. This iOS 11 bug has the effect that track recordings made in the background via location-based actions geofences will fail under a certain condition. This condition is that an iOS update was installed but the iOS was not manually rebooted afterwards.

The new workaround in Pado works around this iOS 11 bug so even without manually rebooting the iOS, the track recording in the background will work.

But this workaround was always active, even if no location-based action were active. This had no negative effect, but it could be confusing because the hollow compass needle was shown in the status bar. This is fixed in this update. Now the workaround is only active when needed, which means only if there are location-based actions enabled. This makes it possible to see for each point of the track the speed red: low, green: high , altitude green: low, green:high and distance red: start, green: end of track.

This can be configured as default for all tracks in the settings and also individually for each track in the track settings.

New option to draw time markers on the track. These markers are small arrows pointing in the direction of the movement and will be placed in regular time intervals for example every 15 minutes. This makes is easy to see how far you were traveling in certain time directly on the map.

This can be also configured globally and individually for each track. New “long-term recording” for tracks implemented. This new feature works similar to the normal track recording with the important difference, that the App will only store a geo location every meters or few minutes, instead of approximately one location per second. This makes the long-term recording useful for longer trips which last several days or even weeks where it is not important to have exact data for every second.

This new long-term recording feature has almost no impact on the battery life, so it can be enabled all the time for the whole trip. The long-term recording and the normal track recording can be used at the same time, so you do not have to stop either of these in order to use the other.

Unlike the normal track recording, the long-term recording can only be started manually, not by location-based actions. Bugfix: Fixes a few glitches in the User Interface Version 2. The switch to change the map type is now located at the top right corner within the map itself. Especially on the iPhone this makes room to display longer titles in the navigation toolbar when displaying tracks. On the iPad there’s a button for the Map View to toggle between split view and fullscreen mode for the map.

The App provides a simply way to remove faulty way points from a recorded track. Sometimes when the GPS reception is bad or not available, geo coordinates are received from the GPS hardware which are off by a large distance, resulting in “spikes” in the displayed track.

Now it is relatively easy to remove these spikes. To do this, display the track, switch off the filtering move the Filter slider in the track settings to the far left , then tap the top of the “spike” to set a pin. Scroll down the settings until you find the option to delete the coordinates at the pin. You can also change the radius around the pin, to remove all the faulty way points within the radius. It can be necessary to repeat this a few times, depending how long the GPS reception was down.

Now it is possible to define new regions even if these would overlap other regions. Fixes an issue when selecting activity, weather etc using the Arrow buttons. Fixes and issue with the “max distance” settings for joining tracks. This was always presented in meters, even if the App was configured to display miles.

Fixes a few other bugs and issues. The filters makes it easy to find all the tracks which match certain criteria. The following criteria can be used to filter the tracks: name of the track, geographical region, speed, duration, distance, type of activity, altitude etc. Enable the filters by tapping on the “Filter” icon in the bottom toolbar.

At the top of the screen you’ll find the current filter criteria and a button to edit these. In the settings there’s a new option to prevent that the device activates the sleep mode and switches off the screen after a while, while the App is recoding a track and the “recording” view is currently shown.

This is useful if you want to use the App as dashboard for a bicycle. This option will not affect any other view of the App, so in other views the sleep mode will be activated as usual if the App does not get any user input. A track recording can be resumed, if it was stopped manually before. To do this just longpress on the “start recording” button in the “Recording” view.

This will give you the options to either resume the last recording or to start a new one a short tap on the button will always start a new track recording, just as before. To be able to resume a track recording, it is required that the current geo location is the same as the last recorded coordinates both locations can be at most m apart , and the recording must have been stopped manually a recording which was stopped automatically by a geo-based action can not be resumed.

Several smaller improvements and optimisations. When exporting tracks as GPX file, it is now possible to include the heart rate data as well. This option is only available of access to the heart rate data is allowed and if this data is available for the track.

In the settings you can enable access to the energy data calories burned from HealthKit. This way Pado is able to display the energy burned for a recorded track if this data is available. This is useful for users of the Apple Watch. Bugfix: An action to stop recording a track when getting in reach of an iBeacon did not work correctly.

Bugfix: In case there were multiple actions defined for a certain region which all use speech output to report their status, only the first message could be heard completely. Now all the messages can be listened to.

On the Apple Watch the App will now also show the average and maximum speed of the past 10 min while recording a track. On the Apple Watch while recording a track, you can tap on the data to switch between the textual and graphical display. Bugfix: If the Watch App was configured to remote control the Step Counter of the iPhone, the steps are now directly stored in the steps history on the iPhone before the steps were stored on the watch.

Bugfix: In the Mail-Window for sending feedback the buttons could have the wrong colors. Location-based actions can be optionally linked to an iBeacon. On devices with barometer hardware the step counter can also count the floors. Photos which were made while recording a track can be shown on the map view as well. Pado will show a pin on all locations for which a photo is available.

This feature can be enabled in the settings. Pado does not store the photos itself, it retrieves the photos from the album, so you can use your favorite camera App. The heart rate can be shown as chart together with the speed and altitude charts. Pado uses the heart rate data from Health-Kit, it does not store the data itself. The export feature is much more powerful. The Widget has a new design and is optimized for iOS 10 The Watch App is completely rewritten and can be even used fully autonomously to record tracks and count stept so you do not need to take the iPhone with you.

Tracks can be displayed on a map, directly on the watch. The Map can be scrolled and zoomed. Alternatively, the Watch App can also used to remote-control the iPhone App and record tracks or count steps on the iPhone. Fixes a few glitches in the user interface on the iPad Pro Fixes an issue with tracking iBeacons Version 1. For technical reasons it is not possible to directly launch Apps while Pado is running in the background, so in this case Pado sends a notification and from within the notification center you can then launch the App.

Please note: To use this feature you need to know the custom URL scheme of the App you want to launch. It is now possible to show the heart rate within the graphs for the speed and altitude profiles of a track. WebHook actions will be repeated once if the first attempt fails because the device had no internet connection.

Improved App for the Apple Watch The Map view of the Watch App will not only show the current location, but also additional locations of the last minutes.

So with these 5 locations it is possible to roughly see the path of the last minutes while a track is being recorded. The Watch App will also show the speed and altitude of the last 15 min as graph updated live while a track is recorded. Version 1. You can start and stop recording tracks directly on the Apple Watch, display the current speed, altitude, duration and distance of the track, use the step counter and see your current location on a map.

Location-based actions which are defined to automatically stop the recording of a track when entering a certain region are now much more accurate than before. You can change how frequently you get mindfulness reminders, mute mindfulness reminders for the day, change your breath rate, and choose haptics settings. Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch, tap Mindfulness, then do any of the following:. You can also review your heart rate later. Start a Reflect or Breathe session Open the Mindfulness app on your Apple Watch, then do one of the following: Reflect: Tap Reflect, read the theme, focus your attention, then tap Begin.

Breathe: Tap Breathe, inhale slowly as the animation grows, then exhale as it shrinks. To end a session before it completes, swipe right, then tap End. Set the duration of a session Open the Mindfulness app on your Apple Watch.

You can choose a time between one and five minutes. Adjust mindfulness settings You can change how frequently you get mindfulness reminders, mute mindfulness reminders for the day, change your breath rate, and choose haptics settings. Get or stop a weekly summary: Turn Weekly Summary on or off.




Wie macht man einen Screenshot auf der Apple Watch? Es ist ganz einfach, das versprechen wir. Die Apple Watch funktioniert nur mit dem iPhone. Dann wird die Uhrzeit angezeigt, wie zum Beispiel bei einem Wecker. Tippen Sie auf das iPhone-Symbol. Ruhezustand oder Arbeit. Wenn Sie z. Tippen Sie auf “Bearbeiten”. Fettschrift und Zoom aktivieren. Dies funktioniert nur, wenn Sie das App-Layout auf Rasteransicht eingestellt haben.

Wenn Sie eine Nachricht erhalten, heben Sie Ihr Handgelenk, um zu sehen, von wem die Nachricht ist, und um die gesamte Nachricht zu lesen. Senken Sie Ihren Arm, um sie zu ignorieren. Oben siehst du “Neue Nachricht”. Tippe darauf, um eine neue Nachricht zu verfassen. Zweiter Weg Die Methode soll die Option manuell aktivieren. Hier wird in Prozent angezeigt, wie viel der Akku geladen ist.

Klicken Sie auf diesen Wert. Gehen Sie zum Abschnitt mit den Haupteinstellungen. So deaktivieren Sie den Energiesparmodus Wenn die Verwendung der Funktion nicht mehr erforderlich ist, stellt sich die Frage, wie der Eco-Modus in der Apple Watch deaktiviert werden kann. Was ist besser zu tun, um eine schnelle Entladung zu vermeiden?

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