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Zoominfo competitors free.9 Best ZoomInfo Alternatives & Competitors for 2022

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ZoomInfo went public in and is the most popular player in the space, however there are many worthy ZoomInfo competitors and ZoomInfo alternatives to consider. So much of B2B sales zoominfo competitors free on finding the right decision makers at your target buyers because those are the contacts you need to nurture and build relationships with.

In recent times, this has been made much more efficient by software platforms like ZoomInfo which automate away a lot of the manual work and do some of the heavy lifting for you. Nowadays, a combined effort between man and machine is what zoominfo competitors free take your sales посетить страницу источник the next level.

ZoomInfo is a market intelligence solution for companies who are selling B2B and need to identify key personnel in their target market. Beyond identifying these decision makers, the platform also acts as a CRM and sales pipeline tracker as you can build segmented audiences, append sales and marketing data, as well as track lead progress throughout a deal lifecycle.

It thrives in its ability to centralize both individual profiles and company profiles in a way that delivers all the relevant insights to business development managers so that they have a holistic view of the entire lead generation cycle. When used well, ZoomInfo can be an incredibly powerful asset for a sales team, bringing the power of the internet, automation, and customized marketing strategies to B2B in a way that improves the experience in every facet.

Lead is a B2B marketing and zoominfo competitors free intelligence contact database that uses sales triggers and continually updating contact data to ensure that you find the right decision makers to prospect and interact with, without wasting time and resources.

They are a popular ZoomInfo competitor according to G2 and other review platforms. Lead offers good functionality and is worth zoominfo competitors free. Uplead is a sales prospecting platform that aims to provide highly accurate Zoominfo competitors free sales prospects on a consistent basis, cleaning out low-quality leads and leaving you only with highly tractable buyer propositions to pursue. They have spent a lot of resources in order to provide clean zoominfo competitors free, free of the muck that sometimes comes along with traditional lead generation tools.

They use real-time email verification to make sure that you are always connecting with real, qualified leads — saving you time and money in the process. When considering one of the ZoomInfo competitors, price and integrations are always a factor. Clearbit sells zoominfo competitors free as a marketing data engine for all your interactions with customers.

Their platform zoominfo competitors free you to understand your customers in a deep way, identify future prospects efficiently, and deliver personalized sales and marketing at scale. Their database and functionality integrates really well into zoominfo competitors free range of popular platforms so it will fit seamlessly into your existing technology stack.

They have a number of products in the space, but these two are the most relevant here:. Check out this Clearbit vs ZoomInfo deep dive. Clearbit is a full-service sales and marketing tool that provides much more than just sales prospecting. Clearbit is considered by many to be zoominfo competitors free of the top ZoomInfo competitors.

LeadIQ is a popular sales prospecting tool that empowers sales teams to reach the right prospects faster and is a top alternative to ZoomInfo. It improves sales velocity by giving you one-click integrations with your CRM so you can zoominfo competitors free contact information as you zoominfo competitors free, but it can also go out and find qualified leads for you, pulling all the data zoominfo competitors free an easy-to-use dashboard that goes a long way to making the sales process that much more efficient.

Their key differentiator is full transparency zoominfo competitors free their dashboard, zoominfo competitors free managers a birds-eye view of their teams prospecting activity, which is great for performance management and adjusting strategies where needed.

If this is a key decision criteria for you, then this is a good fit. Lusha is a sales prospecting tool that assists sales personnel with locating accurate B2B contact information, thereby shortening sales discovery cycles and driving further momentum as a result.

They have a wonderful browser extension that brings the power of the platform with you wherever you go online, and they have overbusiness customers who rely on their services on how increase brightness on dell inspiron day-to-day basis. View Lusha Pricingincluding the enterprise pricing without needing to have a sales call.

Lusha is best suited for recruiters and individual salespeople as most of the tools and functionality has been designed with that use case in mind. For a more complete sales operation, you might be better off going with one of the more robust ZoomInfo competitors. InsideView aims to keep your CRM clean and up to date by enhancing your business intelligence so that your sales process goes that much why i my mic on zoom overall. Their zoominfo competitors free assists with tying together customer data management, market segmentation and planning, and sales acceleration into a productive workflow that engages the right decision makers at the right time.

They have a range of products that assist with this, but the most relevant are:. InsideView is a great option for businesses looking to enrich their CRM information with buyer personas and segmentation. It shines in that department. They offer dynamic zoominfo competitors free and list-building capabilities, real-time trigger alerts, comprehensive company profiles, and a range of other lead information that helps to zoominfo competitors free company intelligence and empower salespeople to spend less time searching and more time selling.

In that case, the tight integrations with other solutions make this a no-brainer. Otherwise, go for another option. This alone is worth its weight in gold. There is also an enterprise zoominfo competitors free solution for more than users and this pricing is available on request. What you see is what you zoominfo competitors free.

Check this article out to learn more and get Seamless. LinkedIn is the behemoth of online business networking and is a staple tool of B2B salespeople the world over. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is their lead generation product that sits on top of their vast social network and helps you target the right people at the right organizations easily and efficiently.

The powerful filtering functionality combined with the precise personalization possible because of the detailed information on the site, make this a very useful platform for high-quality B2B prospecting and often considered as table-stakes among the ZoomInfo competitors. They offer a useful free trial for you to test the functionality before you purchase a plan — so be sure to take advantage of that to get a sense as to whether this particular implementation works for you. If you rely on LinkedIn outreach a lot for your sales prospecting then it makes a lot of sense to use a tool like this because of how well it sits in the ecosystem.

However, as one of the top ZoomInfo competitors, zoominfo competitors free is tremendous value in using a tool like LinkedIn Sales Navigator for better understanding your prospects, mapping out the org chart, finding new prospects and using a tool like these zoominfo competitors free free emails or pay for a Hunter.

You also need to be posting. Check this out to get inspired for our 33 LinkedIn Post Ideas. RocketReach is a sales prospecting platform that aims to be your first-degree connection to any professional.

It enables you to connect with key decision makers through their massive database which is continuously being updated and adapted to changing needs. They boast the information of m professionals across the world and are without doubt one of the largest storers of key B2B contacts in the world.

When it comes to integrations, you have thousands of options when you go through Zapier, so you can tie RocketReach into any tools that you currently have in your zoominfo competitors free stack to zoominfo competitors free the momentum that you need in your workflows. RocketReach does only one thing, but it does it really well.

Apollo zoominfo competitors free AI recommendations to find ideal sales prospects and target them effectively to drive sales results. The platform helps to gather this information and then track the по ссылке of call and email campaigns on the back of the initial prospecting.

It then really shines in the data and analytics behind these, making sure that you continue to improve your processes and strategies using data-driven insights over time.

Apollo is really powerful if zoominfo competitors free are looking for a tight connection between your prospecting efforts and highly customized email marketing campaigns.

Cognism is a powerful prospecting tool whose key differentiator is that they place a lot нажмите сюда focus on compliance when it comes to data privacy and the like. The B2B contact information that they serve to clients is globally compliant and helps sales teams find the right decision makers while still having the peace of mind to know that it was generated ethically and above board. Their range of products includes sales prospecting, lead generation, sales sequencing, and much more.

All in all, there are lots of Zoominfo competitors free competitors that can offer a zoominfo competitors free of the same functionality, albeit with slightly different focus areas and implementations. When deciding which one is right for you, take your time to identify the key parts of your sales prospecting process that needs help and pick your tool on that нажмите для деталей. When it comes to pricing of ZoomInfo competitors, some offerings are priced significantly lower.

Below is a list of ZoomInfo Alternatives you can consider on a budget. There are ZoomInfo competitors that are worth considering as alternatives and others you can skip.

These are three you can skip. ZoomInfo is not cheap and neither are these ZoomInfo competitors. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Contents hide. Tags: competitors. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Comment. Enter your name or username to comment.

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From over million contacts, you may identify your target b2b leads as well as their email addresses. Get leads directly from your LinkedIn profile and Google search results with this Chrome plugin. Check this article out to learn more and get Seamless. And what you see is what you get.


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By: Gaurav Sharma 0 Comments. ZoomInfo is a leading business intelligence tool that combines a comprehensive business database with top-class technology.

Trusted by thousands of salespeople, marketers, and recruiters, ZoomInfo fuels market strategies from start to end. In this article, we take a deep dive into some of the best ZoomInfo alternatives. Table of Contents. One way to embrace a kickass lead generation strategy is to invest in a contact management platform such as ZoomInfo. Lucky for you, there are several ZoomInfo alternatives that can provide similar or better features. Read on to improve your sales conversion rate by investing in the right ZoomInfo alternatives.

In fact, its customer base includes big names such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and Salesforce. Leadfeeder is one of the best ZoomInfo alternatives to find qualified leads, no matter what the niche. Like most ZoomInfo alternatives, Leadfeeder comes with a free trial for 14 days. Check out its plans:. Pro Tip : Trust Leadfeeder Academy for informative demos on using the tool, as well as for quick tips on generating new leads. ZoomInfo Alternative Lead is a premier source for verified leads that are difficult to obtain otherwise.

Lead offers customers the ability to build B2B email lists including B2B direct dials that are not only accurate but fueled by growth intent. Pro Tip : Lead sends out daily newsletters that are loaded with helpful information for marketing professionals.

When it comes to data sets, Sisense is said to be one of the most robust platforms out there. More than 2, top companies rely on Sisense to unlock game-changing business insights, and for good reason.

Pro Tip : Reach out to the Sisense team not just for help with using the platform, but also for smart tips and hacks. AI is one of the leading ZoomInfo alternatives used by over k sales, marketing, and recruiting teams to maximize revenue and acquire their total addressable market.

It has simplified the lead generation process for top B2B businesses, including Slack, Amazon, and Facebook. This ZoomInfo alternative offers a 7-day free trial. You can upgrade to one of the following paid plans after the trial.

Pro Tip : Using this tool, customers can search social media for qualified leads in their target market. ScopeLeads is one of the most reliable ZoomInfo alternatives for B2B lead generation and email prospecting. This tool allows customers to automate their sales processes, from generating hot leads to tracking their progress. ScopeLeads doesn’t come with a free trial. You can choose a monthly or a yearly plan. In the case of monthly plans, you will need to pay:.

Pro Tip : The cold email automation feature makes the entire lead generation process a lot smoother. This tool is trusted by 95, companies globally and has a presence across countries. This 3-step sales intelligence tool helps sales teams set up and manage your pipeline for better conversions. Companies like Vimeo, Amazon, and Festo use Pipedrive to enhance their sales cycle. Pipedrive offers a day free trial. You can access this plan without adding your credit card details.

Pro Tip : Custom dashboard with drag-n-drop interface allows you to get a complete view of your customers. Overloop is a sales automation platform and one of the leading ZoomInfo alternatives that provides quality data.

It helps increase the productivity of your outbound sales team and improves conversions for your business. Zillow, Livestorm, and Rackspace are companies that are already using this tool to automate outbound sales. Pro Tip : Leverage the LinkedIn extension offered by this ZoomInfo alternative to discover emails of users and start real-time cold conversations and improve business opportunities.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales intelligence platform and leads the charts for ZoomInfo alternatives that help businesses scale by targeting the right prospects.

The tool offers real-time updates such as job changes for your prospects. It harnesses the power of a shared network to bolster business-client relationships and further the sales pipeline. The ZoomInfo alternative offers a one-month trial plan. You can upgrade to one of the three paid plans after the trial.

Pro Tip : Know the deals at risk, personalize email marketing and improve retention with this ZoomInfo alternative. DiscoverOrg, a ZoomInfo company, is also one of the prominent ZoomInfo alternatives that helps businesses build targeted sales lists that align with their marketing and sales goals. Pro Tip : Access real-time insights into your prospects, and build custom journeys to boost conversions.

Mattermark ranks high as ZoomInfo Alternatives, allowing businesses to discover and track growing industries globally. This lead intelligence tool helps with more intelligent targeting and faster business conversions. Pro Tip : Customize your scoring algorithm for the leads so that you get best-fit prospects for your organization. DNB Hoovers. With this platform, companies identify and target the total acquisition market. Rackspace and Morningstar Inc. This ZoomInfo alternative has two types of plans — Rev.

This ZoomInfo alternative gives your sales and leadership team complete visibility into the sales pipeline, deals, and market changes.

The tool analyses customer interactions to build insights that back your decisions. Pro Tip : Use conversational analytics to segment your customers for better strategies to enhance conversions with this leading ZoomInfo alternative. Another popular ZoomInfo alternatives tool, now known as Demandbase, provides account intelligence that helps businesses with GTM strategies.

The tool spots opportunities earlier and helps convert faster. Pro Tip : Use several filters and data sets to increase intent-based data for your business.

SalesIntel is among the leading ZoomInfo alternatives that allows businesses to reach, target, and convert the ideal customers. Businesses can create a sales pipeline with accurate data to close more deals. Top B2B businesses including VanillaSoft and Attribution use this tool for intel on their target audience.

Pro Tip : Combine direct dial data with purchase intent to personalize your communication and improve your lead generation processes. The Clearbit data activation platform, an excellent ZoomInfo alternative, provides businesses with an inside view into the market and the customers.

It helps companies build a personalized journey across intents. LeadFuze is a sales prospecting platform that makes for one of the best ZoomInfo alternatives. Be it sales professionals, marketers, or recruiters, this growth acceleration platform guarantees fresh and relevant leads for everyone. LeadFuze offers a trial that comes with 25 free credits for users to sample the product. It comes with three paid plans:. Pro Tip : LeadFuze offers really unique options to narrow down your search—for instance, you can target prospects that are spending a particular amount of money on paid ads.

How cool is that? FAQs Q1. What is the best alternative to ZoomInfo? However, its Professional plan comes with a day free trial. ZoomInfo is a contact data and management platform that boosts business development. It comes with a suite of tools that aids sales and marketing teams in understanding their audience and finding new prospects. Although they can seem similar, Salesforce provides more advanced functionality for users to manage their sales funnel. For price information on higher-tier plans, you need to contact the vendor.

ZoomInfo gathers information about a person or company from multiple sources that are also searched by major search engines such as Yahoo and Google. It obtains data for its Public Profiles in several ways including its Vast Contributory Network, third-party expert partners, and machine learning tools.

ZoomInfo is legal because it only collects business-related contact data such as email addresses or job titles. The platform also aligns with relevant data protection laws and privacy laws such as the GDPR. There is no doubt that ZoomInfo is a spectacular tool for growing your business. All 17 ZoomInfo alternatives mentioned in this article will also help you find new prospects, eventually improving your bottom line.

So, be sure to compare all the tools and their features, and keep this listicle handy to make a well-informed decision.

Which of these platforms are you keen on using? If yes, tell us about your experience in the comments below. Grew an agency from 5-figure to 7-figure revenue in just two years 10X leads 2. Submitting incorrect or invalid details will lead to no response. Word Count: words Est. Reading Time: 32 mins. You know it—profitable growth. But you know what else? There are several other ZoomInfo alternatives you can consider. Sounds good? How to Start a Blog that Makes Money.

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